What Our Clients Say!


Here are testimonials from clients that we have worked with and are happy to share their opinion about the process and the results.

James L

Vice President, Maxime Management Systems

This is the second project done by Paperless Knowledge, Inc. for our company and their team is just incredible! We love that they handle all of the development, hosting and server setup and maintenance, allowing us to concentrate on our core business and not on the issues associated with changing technologies. We had them create a very high level enterprise web based application and as always, they come through with fantastic work. I really enjoyed working with them as they really came through for us on some very tight deadlines. PKI’s developers, designers and technical support staff all communicate at a level we can understand and are very enjoyable to work with. I will definitely use them again for future development projects.


Michael Wasco (the project Manager) has gone above and beyond to ensure that the county receives a quality product on time at a cost that is reasonable and fair. Paperless Knowledge, Inc. has a firm grasp of technical details and takes the time to document them, and provide feedback to our staff. Typically, presenting a number of well thought-out options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice. Mr. Wasco is an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with technical people and with those client staff to whom he interacts. In short, Mr. Bhattarai (lead programmer) and Mr. Wasco are necessary to bring in success to this project; the highly customized Integrated Enterprise Business Application (IEBA) the counties utilize, which has delivered with high quality and over 99% uptime. Your entire teams’ work ethic and knowledge underpinned the counties success with your product. I would highly recommend Paperless Knowledge, Inc. in any project that involves complexity, tough time constraints, or high quality requirements.

Mary B

Administrative Services Manager, Mono County

Colleen T

Director, Calaveras County

I am writing on behalf of the Calaveras County Public Health Department to describe our experience in working with the company Paperless Knowledge, Inc. The Department has contracted with Paperless Knowledge for the use of a business application for three years. We utilize the application for detailed financial cost accounting for multiple cost centers. The application supports our ability to accurately and timely claim reimbursement from primarily governmental funding sources. The application supports our requirements for cost center financial reporting at an activity cost level as required by some federal grants we administer. We have been very satisfied with the performance of the application and have had no problems with accessing the application or undue downtime. Our direct experience has primarily been with Michael Wasco as Project Manager. Mr. Wasco has provided excellent and professional customer service and is very responsive to issues or technical assistance needs. The Company makes timely modifications when requested. These changes have supported increased efficiency by Department fiscal personnel who utilize the application. I would recommend Paperless Knowledge for projects that involve complex requirements and tight timelines.


Your entire teams work ethic and knowledge underpinned the success. I would highly recommend Paperless Knowledge, Inc. in any project that involves complexity, tough time constraints and high quality requirements. The Integrated Enterprise Business Application (IEBA) the counties utilize has delivered high quality and over 99% uptime.

Carrie L

Health Services, Alpine County

Rosemary M

Administrative Officer, California High Speed Rail

In the last four years that I worked with PKI at California High Speed Rail, I never considered them a separate IT consulting firm working for us, but rather working with us. Their knowledge and commitment to the project went well beyond my expectations. They dedicate themselves in doing the job no matter how long it may take or how big or small it may be. They made sure that we were aware of what was going on and I didn’t have to worry that something would go wrong. My knowledge in IT has grown because of their patience in explaining things to me in layman’s term. Things always ran smoothly and it was a load off my plate knowing that we were in good hands. If there was a way I could bring them on in my current job, I would not hesitate to call on them in a heartbeat. I definitely would refer them to anyone who has a project of any size. You won’t be disappointed.