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A global Award winning California based company

Welcome to Paperless Knowledge, Inc.A global Award winning California based company specializing in web design and complex network/desktop infrastructure and communication services. Founded in 1990, incorporated in 2001, the company has rapidly become an industry leader that develops and powers the technology behind business and government platforms. We provide the one-stop IT center you have been looking for that will meet all your business needs.

Paperless Knowledge, Inc.through the years continues to add cutting edge products and services to meet our customers needs. In 2014 we have added an on line store of business products, and a state of the art communication platform to globally meet the demanding usability and effective business delivery services for our clients through out the world.

Take your business to the next level.We can meet all your local and global business needs. See what the competitive advantage is by using our consulting services, hosted data centers, integrated enterprise business, web design, communication and support centers. From conception to completion, our seamlsess outsourced technology services will meet your strategic deadlines and expectations.

Your satisfaction is not just a goal it’s a guarantee.

Ranked as one of the Top 500 Veteran Owned businesses in America for 7 years.

The cutting edge in today’s business world is constantly embracing change and innovation. Are YOU keeping up with technology and the technological changing world around you? PKI does.

PKI specializes in Infrastructure, Security, Wired/Wireless Networks, Server, Desktop, Laptop/Mobile Systems, Service/System Management, Application/Web Development, Hosting Services (Exchange, SharePoint, Cloud Computing) Data Base Design/Development and e-Business Infrastructure.

Everyday, we at PKI work to incorporate the newest state of the art technology into your business systems. PKI keeps you competitive while enhancing your business. PKI does not separate itself from its clients. PKI becomes an integral part of your IT environment.

PKI has a strong innovation culture. We think out of the box and color outside the lines. Our strong creative innovation culture provides award winning state-of-the-art information technology business and communication solutions.

Paper knowledge inc.

We work hard taking great care to guarantee our clients/customers receive the highest level of service.

Our Mission

To help our clients reach their overall goals and objectives by producing state-of-the-art innovative information technology solutions for their business.

Our Approach

At Paperless Knowledge, Inc. we are industrial leaders who serve great clients. PKIs core strategic approach looks at each client’s overall situation with a pragmatic view when analyzing and providing the best technical and functional solutions. PKI welcomes innovative complex technical challenges. PKI will provide you with an IT solution that will impact, improve and expand the clients business.

Our Vision

To be recognized and recommended as the consulting company for all of a businesses” technical needs.

If you know your business has fallen off the competitive edge, and you know PKI would be a good decision for your business needs, what are you waiting for?

Veteran owned corporation Paperless Knowledge, Inc. was created in 1990. PKI has grown into a full service communication corporation. We will brainstorm for new ideas, plan, design, install, service and streamline all your information technology needs. Our clients include large and small businesses, City, Counties, States, and the Federal government. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. From our first client in 1990, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer/client service.