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Is your business having technical challenges? Need to take your technology to the next level? Do you need advice guidance on the design, implementation, support, maintenance and management of your network infracture? You can count on Paperless Knowledge to coach you out of IT chaos . PKI’s award wining knowledge and service can equip your business with the advice and solutions for greater operational efficiencies.

Hardware Maintenance

  • Internet and interoffice connectivity
  • Installation and Configuration of your
    • Servers :
      • File, Print, Web, Database, SaaS, Application, GIS, Exchange, Microsoft Business Server
    • Switches
      • Converged
    • Routers
    • SAN
    • Firewalls
    • Wireless
      • Trapeze, D-Link, NetGear
  • Implementation of VPN technologies
  • Cabling design and installation
    • Cat 5 & Cat 6 & Fiber

Working with you, we’ll share our network consulting skills and experience around the technologies you employ, leading to greater operational efficiencies for you and your company.

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You can engage us to:

HeadingOur network consulting services are end-to-end, incorporating:

Wide Area Network (WAN) provisioning and optimization
Local Area Network (LAN) design, maintenance and/or management.

Paperless Knowledge, Inc.Network Consulting Services are for you if:

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