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You may get decent meals for 10 Euro and although I didn't try snails (which represent radioactive boogers) or frog's legs, I watched in horror as G could do. Trained it to Arc de Triumph which is the middle of that massive intersection (13 streets jut from it). We went to the very top but it poured with rain. We did manage to get some shots off (we were the douches up there). Lucky we snuck in for reasonable as we pretended to become 18-year-old American tourists. Had some fun and games in the Toyota store and walked up Champs Elysees which ends up in The Louvre. Ended up heading for you to Eiffel Tower to take advantage of the sun and so it was this.

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The best clubs in Ibiza are simply at the Ibiza Marina, near Street. Rafael and the Ibiza the village. San Antonio in Ibiza also has some good clubs in fact it is very recognized for its spectacular sunsets.

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