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Is your business having technical challenges? Need to take your technology to the next level? Do you need advice guidance on the design, implementation, support, maintenance and management of your network infracture? You can count on Paperless Knowledge to coach you out of IT chaos . PKI’s award wining knowledge and service can equip your business with the advice and solutions for greater operational efficiencies.

We provide vendor-independent network consulting skills around networking and network components, including:
  • Internet and interoffice connectivity
  • Installation and Configuration of your :
    • Servers :
      • File, Print, Web, Database, SaaS, Application, GIS, Exchange, Microsoft Business Server
    • Switches
      • Converged
    • Routers
    • SAN
    • Firewalls
    • Wireless
      • Trapeze, D-Link, NetGear
  • Implementation of VPN technologies
  • Cabling design and installation
    • Cat 5 & Cat 6 & Fiber

Working with you, we’ll share our network consulting skills and experience around the technologies you employ, leading to greater operational efficiencies for you and your company.

You can engage us to:
  • Install and Configure your network from a single wireless router, printer/copier or server to single Rack to an entire datacenter
  • Ongoing contracted network support for your entire network – See also our Desktop support services
  • Security and patch upgrades
  • Remote offsite backup of server and SAN data
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues that cannot be resolved in-house
  • Address compliance concerns
  • Provide network health checks and recommendations for remedial action.
Our network consulting services are end-to-end, incorporating:
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) provisioning and optimization
  • Local Area Network (LAN) design, maintenance and/or management.
Paperless Knowledge, Inc.Network Consulting Services are for you if:
  • Organizational expansion requires redesign of network structure to accommodate satellite offices and remote workers
  • You need to outsource your Network Administration due to personnel cuts or expansion
  • Your network is not optimized for capacity and performance, with unanticipated demand potentially causing network availability issues
  • You have purchased Network equipment and lack the internal expertise to install and configure it to its optimal performance level
  • You are suffering from SPAM, malware, security compliance issues etc. due to your network not being properly updated with firmware, security and patch updates
  • You’re looking to implement or improve regular health checks to assess network performance
  • Application response times are unsatisfactory and efficiency is suffering
  • Performance bottlenecks are occurring across your network infrastructure, and the cause is not clear.
  • Key Benefits

  • “Right first time” solutions from trusted, experienced network consultants
  • Temporary extra support for your team and full knowledge transfer
  • Ensure that your network infrastructure is running efficiently and optimally
  • Remove unnecessary cost from the provision of your network
  • Benefit from easier remote working and centralized resources
  • Want to know more about Paperless Knowledge, Inc. Network Consulting Services?

    One of our specialists can give you a call. Simply complete the Contact Request Form beneath "Contact Us" and we’ll be in touch.



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